Spencer's Grow With Me! is an innovative baby developmental line. Our focus is to keep babies safe and comfy during the physical changes and milestones that come in their first two years. Of course we always want babies looking cute too, so we offer a variety of bright colors and styles for every taste. 


We have categorized our products into three stages: Hold Me!, Happy Crawling and Look At Me Go!. Each of these stages consists of special features that have been established to keep babies safe and comfy as they grow. 


Although it serves a general consumer market, this is specifically targeted to first-time parents (or buyers) in helping them understand what products are essential for their baby as he or she develops different motor skills and behavior. Because of this, we are always studying and keeping up to date with research on babies development, as well as making changes to our product that will make the line better and safer.


As with all Spencer's products through the years, we offer a great quality product at competitive prices; all of our pieces are 100% cotton, 210gsm for a super soft feel and great durability, perfect for every season!

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